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Healthy Suits for Sweet People Like Sweet Dishes

Healthy Suits for Sweet People Like Sweet Dishes

According to the Elkendorfroot Coat, “All things really do the mosques in the mosques they are illegal, neglecting and eliminating.” For many years ago, we did not agree with the initial two-year longs. Because we belong to a nation where imagination is considered to be a reputation after a celebration. It is a fact that consumers use thicker fatigue. Usually we need to avoid people who say “Oh, we do not know what is going on.” We think we’re going to make fun, but we’re doing it. C illicit things are also heard that people of the world mean “stop living with sweet” as long as they say anything.

However, this approach will not protect you from serious illnesses. The use of excessive alcohol addiction. Along with very famous diabetes, fatty acids, cereals, and cereals, which are usually used in the preparation of dessert, make heart diseases. We are seeing the change in your face, please change your mind. We want to help. We look forward to the sweet like you. Let’s now lecture and tell you the techniques for making sweet food that will not bind your test.

  1. Suzuki Kaullo (Lufet / Chinese Version)
    You will need the following components:
    Suzuki one cup
    Ghee diving spoon
    Chinese one third cup
    Water drained cup
    Butterfly can be used for a meal mixture (canola recharge)
    Greenchair Alice Twin Three (Thick Thick)
    Chopped Almond Customization


  1. Put sugar and so on in a well.
    2.Add the pan in the pan and take it for a minimum of 5 minutes. Add this butter yatel to it and cook it for light and light until it reaches light until it starts with light brown. Add it to it later. .
    3.Enter Chinese and Chinese Walmacherschurch. Mix the squeeze until the water is absorbed.
    4.Grash with almond almonds.

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2.Business CookiesBack Cookies
Sweet Dishes Recipe in Urdu Components
White Sugar (1 1/4) cup
Butter Diabetes
Milk Loafate (1%) Diabetes
Spoken Chicken Chalk
The quickest three cups
Cranky Paint Batter Adapt
Vinylacester a tea cupch
Fifty-four Adaptops


  1. Combine in sugar, milk, butter and coconut pan.
  2. Boil a boil or cook it until the sugar is over.
  3. Remove from scratch, paint batter, vinylester and oral.
  4. Create a small hair piece of walnut sizes on the fluorescence paper.
  5. Let them cool until they are stiff.

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  1. Healthy healthy ice pipes
    Sweet Dishes Recipe in Urdu


Kitty Strawberry three-quarter cup

Fixed Strawberry Duppet
Watermelon (Crowned in Cube)
Lemesis is a quarter of the season


  1. Put a Strawberry in a mineral ore ice cream mold.
  2. Cobalt, Strawberry Strawberry, Brown Sugar, salt and clove juice, and make a ready cookie.
  3. Determine this mixture and make it separately.
  4. Put the juice in the juice and apply it.
  5. Freeze until you are ready. It usually takes six hours to walk.