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How Do Different Events Affect Health?

How Do Different Events Affect Health?

People with good emotional health are aware of their emotional needs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They easily control their problems and problems as part of life as a part of them.

But there are many situations in life that affect your emotional health and cause depression, mental stress or worry.

Sometimes good changes of life can also cause these conditions.

Discounts for food
. New baby’s arrival at home
. A close friend dies
. Marriage or divorce
. Sickness
. Growing in the job
. Reduction of money
. Home change

All these events that are rarely present in everyone’s life, affect the way we think and even our health.

Effects on health
Our body reacts according to our thinking. When you are under pressure or depression, your body feels that something is not going to be right. Often there is a problem with high blood pressure or abdominal discomfort. Affecting such conditions on nature’s nature shows non-balanced emotional health. In such people the power of deficiency reduces, because they also suffer from infections in difficult situations. You are suffering from a lot of trouble due to mental distress, worry or any trauma. Example:

Changes in hunger
. Cough pain
.Product or Dairy
. Mouth dry
. Too tired
. Headache
. High blood pressure
. Sleeping up
Speed ​​up
. out of breath
. Neck blurring
. Sweat
. Hemorrhoids
.Community or Abuse

Then what?
Express emotions
jazbat ka izhar

You do not know your doctor about your personal life issues. Remember that your doctor can not tell you that you are under pressure. It is important to inform your doctor about your situation if you do not have any physical disorder due to any physical reason, then you may have problems with your doctor. Can talk Your doctor will guide you right now. If your negative thinking does not stop you and does not let you enjoy life. Be sure to tell the doctor about it so that he can treat you right.
How to Improve Emotional Health?

If your body is affected by anxiety or anxiety, it may be more harmful to keep such things in mind. Tell your close partner about your problem. If this is not possible, you can also tell your doctor or religious leader so that they can guide you right.

Take a positive look
musbat soch rakhein

Do not impose yourself on your own problems. But it does not mean that in the state of troubles or trauma, please make yourself happy. Take a look at the positive things of life, with an effort to overcome the negative feelings of anxiety or trauma. Research proves that the quality of people with positive thinking is much better. Find out the solution to relieve problems from your life and take time to enjoy good moments.

Exercise exercise
warzish karein

By physical and mental exercise you can calm down yourself. It is also possible to calm yourself by taking deep breathing exercises, meditation, and keeping quiet in mind, besides consulting the doctor for ways to restore mental and physical comfort. .

Love yourself
love yourself

For good emotional health it is important to take care of your everyday routine. Eat healthy food on time, take full sleep, exercise to eliminate the tension, Avoid excessive eating or hazardous health items, smoking or use of drug addiction. Because these things instead of reducing the problems.