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How to Tell Your Girlfriend She Gained Weight

Your girlfriend gain weight problem can be connected not only with overeating and inactive lifestyle but with her relations with the world. Thus, while some women eat as much as they want and do not gain weight, others can gain weight just drinking water. There are many different reasons why you can face the girlfriend gained weight problem, it’s necessary to analyze many different factors. Today we will examine the main ones to make the situation clear.

Why Sometimes Peoples Gained Weight?

Let’s face it – nobody wants to be overweight. Unfortunately, the universe may have completely different plans. One can blame age, slow metabolism, and gravity. Many people gain weight despite all attempts to stay fit. Just think about your friends and relatives. You will probably notice that most of them have lost harmony and now have problems with being overweight. The most important root cause is that many people turn into couch potatoes who don’t want to take a walk and go in for sports. In addition, the processes that occur in our body contribute to weight gain.

And even though one can say that overeating and lack of activities are the main reasons for excess weight, they are not the only ones. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, some other factors can still prevent you from being slender and attract gorgeous foreign ladies for marriage. Thus, the lack of sleep has many negative consequences, and gaining weight is among them.

The less you sleep, the higher the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, is. The high level of this hormone increases your appetite. And if you are tired, hungry and annoyed, then you are unlikely to reach for a salad, it is fast and junk food that does not differ in special nutritional value, will most likely become your choice.

Main Signs of Weight Gain

It’s not difficult to notice that your appearance has changed. However, sometimes we turn a blind eye to this problem, pretending that nothing special is happening or it’s a small invisible problem you will deal with in the nearest future. So, what are the main signs you have gained weight?

1. You’ve started wearing a larger size of clothes

One of the most obvious signs of weight gain is the necessity to change your clothes for a larger size. Your usual size becomes small, and you feel uncomfortable in it. Thus, you have changed your wardrobe, choosing some loose clothes that don’t constrict your movements.

2. You are short of breath

If earlier you could easily go upstairs, having not even noticed it, then now you are suffering from being short of breath. It’s one of the signs that you have gained weight, and it’s difficult for your body to carry these additional lbs. Over time this can lead to more serious health problems.

3. You have started sweating more

Overweight people sweat more often because they have an increased number of sweat and sebaceous glands. Besides, adipose tissue keeps moisture, which results in sweat. And movements require increased physical activity, which contributes to sweating.

Why Is Overweight Harmful to Health?

A girlfriend gaining weight has not only problems connected with her appearance and its unattractiveness, but she can face different health problems that will lead to serious consequences over time. Here are five reasons why your girlfriend weight has crucial importance for her health condition.

1. Diabetes risk

More than 80% of people who suffer from diabetes are overweight. When you eat a lot of carbohydrates (and overweight people do that very often), your body needs more and more portions of the hormone insulin, which converts food into energy. If the level of insulin remains very high for a long time, the body becomes less sensitive to it and begins to suffer from diabetes.

2. Apnea risk

Overweight people often suffer from apnea, problematic breathing while sleeping. As a result, the body does not receive the right amount of oxygen, and the person constantly feels overwhelmed and tired. And if you add metabolic changes to this due to a constant lack of sleep, you get a vicious circle. Girlfriends getting fat can have serious problems with all body systems.

3. Varicose veins

Your girlfriends fat gain can become the root cause of another health problem. With excess weight, the volume of circulating blood increases, the veins overflow, the valves do not close completely and pass the blood back. This forms venous congestion. Obese people usually do not move much, and physical activity is very important for good vein function.

4. Decreased reproductive function

Many factors can lead to cycle disorders in women, but there is another serious problem: a girlfriend getting fat can suffer from hormonal imbalance and be diagnosed with infertility. Of course, weight loss of at least 10-15% often solves the problem, and the woman can become pregnant.

5. Arthrosis risk

An increased load on the legs with excess weight can provoke the development of arthrosis. A symptom of arthrosis is severe persistent pain. It significantly decreases with the normalization of weight, but it will be already impossible to completely restore the damaged cartilage. Girlfriend putting on weight can face big problems.

How to Tell Your Girlfriend She Gained Weight

It often happens that a girlfriend gained weight not attracted you anymore, and it’s understandable. However, to change the situation for the better, you should admit the fact that “my girlfriend got fat” and find a way to tell her about that correctly.

1. Make a focus on her health

If I worry that my girlfriend keeps gaining weight, I will make focus on her health issues. It will be the rightest option since women are very sensitive to criticism of their appearance. Ask her whether she feels okay or maybe something is disturbing her since she has been looking a bit depressed for the last time. Offer to start leading a healthy lifestyle to improve health.

2. Show your care

How to tell your girlfriend she’s fat? There is no need to make a drama out of it since you can do everything much more cunning. Start buying more fruits and cook healthy dinners, participating in the process of her weight loss actively and very carefully.

3. Buy her clothes of a smaller size

Buy her a beautiful outfit to her liking of the size that she wore earlier. When the girl starts complaining that you have bought the wrong size, tell her that you thought she wears the same size as back in days.

4. Offer her to help you lose weight

Look critically at yourself and say that you don’t like how you look since you have gained a couple of lbs. Say that you don’t feel attractive as before and offer her to help you lose weight since it will be difficult for you to keep on a diet on your own.

5. Be careful and tactful

It’s very important to do everything right even if you are sure that “my girlfriend is gaining weight on purpose.” Say politely that she looks wonderful and sexy, so she doesn’t need to change her weight and appearance since you love her the way she is.

How to Help a Girl Lose Weight

If you are ready to help her get through this process, then you should pay efforts and show her that you are a person she can rely on. Anyway, doing that, you will improve your health as well. So, it’s a win-win option.

1. Stop buying junk food

The first thing you need to do is to eliminate the consumption of junk food. You can have a cheat meal once per week, but your regular meals should contain only healthy food. Replace sweets with fruits, nuts and vegan desserts.

2. Offer to work out together

If you want to accelerate this process and make it productive, then offer her to work out together. You can turn it into a fun competition and a game that will please and cheer up both of you. Just don’t cross the line, becoming a strict coach who is ready to abuse fat people.

3. Stop eating at night

Studies show that the weight of beloved ones can affect your body shape as well. Thus, if you are surrounded by people who neither lead an active lifestyle nor deny themselves a late snack, then most likely, you allow yourself the same. Gaining weight can be contagious.

4. Support her in everything

If you are worried about the fact that “my girlfriend is gaining weight,” then it’s time for active actions. You know that proper nutrition and physical activities are the main “components” of a weight loss program. Be ready to support her.

5. Walk more

If you get used to constant walks in the fresh air, it will make a difference and contribute to achieving the desired result. It’s great if you belong to the category of men who say, “my girlfriend is gaining weight and I like it,” but if it’s not so, it’s time to change your habits.

Change Her Attitude

Many couples face this problem sooner or later, and it is always difficult to meet this challenge. 8 out of 10 girls are suffering from gaining weight all the time, it’s one of their biggest nightmares that make them keep on all the possible diets, give up sweets and do morning exercises they hate. All these beauty trends only make the situation worse, leading to some psychological problems because both psyche and physiology are connected.