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Make The First Cold Easy For Newborn Babies

Make The First Cold Easy For Newborn Babies

It is important for children to handle new mothers. Many types of care and many things are considered in the first cold of the texts. Therefore, by following the methods described below, you can keep your child safe from cold:

  1. Jump to the box
    It is very important for small children to take sunglasses but do not cover the directories in the sun, but keep the child in the middle of the shepherd. The whole sunshine flashes the skin of the baby.

Small children ‘massage is very important for better growth. It is safe from cold vermim and fiber instead of drying cold. It is very useful for the salinity of Katal children.

  1. As a result of saving allergies
    It is a herbal, make her potspot and put it in hot water. Do not add newborns to this water for the first time, you can be safe from tuberculosis.
  2. Do not add daily in the stream
    Do not let the baby close the bathroom with hot water daily so that they may take place. This will improve the development of the child and he will also be safe and free from germs.
  3. Do not hurt the baby too much
    Do not wear too much clothes to save the baby from cold. Keep the ears in need, wear more autumn hosomes. Keep warming the category if there is no need for more clothes. Many clothes are allergic to children.
  4. Feed the eggs
    If you have six months of age, then you must feed Desi eggs to keep it safe from cold. You can take the baby to the baby by taking a piece of spoon and cooking it.
  5. Crashes
    In winter, baby casina is a bad thing. It is a bad thing. If you add milk to a mother’s milk equivalent to the wheat grains and give three days, then Kasina will be cleaned.
  6. Crystal
    Sometimes in the evening due to the gas, the children cry very much. In such a situation, hang hang in water and apply nails on the stomach nails. It relaxes
  7. Protect
    The mosquito is very important in winter and small children are essential to mosquitoes. Use lentils. Open the doors before evening and wear the clothes and pajamas for children.

10.People to sleep
The child’s calm sleep is the health of her. When you swim, you should keep your prescription on it because the children are relieved by the mother’s fragrance. This makes the child feel mother’s feelings and her perfume, and she sleeps well in the cold.