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The special color of our Culture: Dal Rice

The special color of our Culture: Dal Rice

The food processing system is based on every kind of culture. It is important to treat the herbs or other people. It is different from all kinds of cooking and cooking in different places. There are different parts of the food and rice grains which are probably unaware. Are there They are cooked and decorated. Whether you belong to any color vinyl, but in some cases the dal would include your diet. It is nutritional and nutritious food.

Various types of pulses
There are different types of pulses such as chanel, mash, mung, massage, arhar, vitamin mung, proven masur etc. Variety depends on the tasteful taste. In our society, the importance of different types of people can not be promoted. Horseline people use pulses to make every effort. Various pulses are cooked in different ways:

Sindhi Culture
In early morning, pudding is usually made in the morning, without peppers. The use of black pepper is a specialty. It is the specialty of pulses that it is not designed to make. It is found in this contraction because some women say that chronic pepper can be increased during this period.

  • All the foods are usually added to the pulse pulse. It is made dry and dry. It is separated from the grain and grains.
  • On top of the meal, there is a lot of manganese and manganese pulses. Both of them mix out that it forms a paste shape. For cooking, usually lactary glasses are used to make the mixture well mixed. This is followed by brushes, straw and acids.
    Urdu Culture
  • The language is cooked in a variety of ways in the spoken language family. The rice is considered mandatory with rice.
  • At present there are different vegetables like luks, eggplants, honey beans, or even some meat in the skin.
    The families who make the food drained in a new style, in a new way. The cooking of pulses is also cooked by mosaic. The mango masurque dal is used to make it dry in the morning, and it is like a dough dal.
  • The difference between different cultures is that rice with pulses is rice-like. With this, many dalses add warm spices to taste and taste. It was used in the daily meal instead of the night.

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Other religions
Sindhi, Persian, Urdu, Bahari, Suryaiki, Baloch, Pathan, Punjabi, Memon, Lucknow, Haiderabadi, Gujrat, Sri Lankan, and many other religions are found like pulses:

  • There is a thin pulse carpentry in your family uniformly.
    Harmony people like dried sweet pulses. Mixed mixture of mixture is liked. As the Sindhi family is liked.
  • The panties are made mostly dry and thin, such as pulse clay separated, it would be scandalized. But there are different ideas about this.
  • In all these modes, the Memon Family’s opinion is different. They are ready to be prepared by the people. They include vegetables in the day.
  • Different people like to cook and cook in various ways. Sometimes they make a thin and thick pulse, and their stylish style is preferred by their mode.
  • In Pincinnati Lincoln family, Pandin’s addresses and connections are prepared from the country.

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Every knock is dense in different ways. There are unique patterns of dairy dishes. The viewers are also used to make a break in different ways. It will not be said that it is difficult to say that it is dal and dhaloli. For example, zerries, garlic, proven red peppers, green pepper, and leafy addresses are required. All these ingredients are used separately and in combination with the requirement of all the ingredients. Since the delicate delicate delays occur.

Dental enhancement accessories
The pulses are made in many places, but it is also true that other accessories with pulses are considered to be essential, which increase their energies. As many as Syrian cabbage acids, acids, kumromers, noise vegetable yogurt, fried lime peppers, fried fried potatoes, Trash, sauce and chocolate.
Pakistan is prepared in various ways. There is an umbrellas which can spoil religious debate. This is something that can accommodate people. It reminds me of all the homes, because sometimes you never forget the pulse of your mother’s hand. As such, generations of today are seen unaware of all things. Fast food is in place of cooking pulses. Which you will also agree that there can be no recycled pulses because it is something that is cooked in different ways and in different ways.